Careers for History Majors

History majors are often interested in the events of the past – researching and analyzing how critical moments have played out and influence cultures and current events. These students often work in a lot of diverse environments. And as liberal arts degree holders, they have a skill set that has prepared them for writing, research, and critical thinking, allowing them to thrive in a number of jobs.

Because of their education background consisting of intense writing, research, and rhetoric, history majors often go to work as journalists or editors. Some go on to edit documentaries, using their historical knowledge and experience to bolster their work.

Where Do History Majors Work?

Others find employment at historical preservations. Some work organizing and administering museums and historical societies. Many also work as archivists, records manages, and librarians at museums or at public and university libraries. The salary of a librarian is around $55,000 a year, and legal libraries certainly exist at schools and some law firms, making that an option for some students.

Using their background in history and knowledge of the past, many students with a degree in history choose to go on and work in law. This includes working as a paralegal or lawyer, doing staff and support work for legislation and litigation, and working for foundations and sometimes for not for profit historical societies. Lawyers currently earn over $100,000 a year, for being able to communicate with government agencies, conduct research, and prepare and file legal documents.

Finally, history majors can always work in education. They can become history teachers in high schools or go in their own education to become qualified to teach as a professor at a college. Even if other students don’t plan to work in a field where they an education in history, there will always be a need for history teachers and accessible, reliable information about people and places in time.

While these careers do not represent all, they do represent a spectrum of options available to students who majored in history. Students have lots of options for jobs to display their talents, enjoy their interests, and use the skills they learned during the time they spent earning their degree.

Featured Online History Degrees

Ashford University Ashford University is one of the biggest online providers of higher education in the country. At Ashford, students enroll, attend, and complete classes entirely online as they work towards a BA of History or Social Science. These programs serve as a foundation for more advanced degrees or career options.
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Liberty University Liberty University is the nation’s biggest private, Christian school with a sizable online division too. Liberty University has an online degree in MEd of Teaching and Learning with a specialization in history available. This program is better suited for students who want to become teachers or even professors at a school or college.
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Southern New Hampshire University If you want a graduate degree specialization in a particular aspect of history, Southern New Hampshire University has many programs to choose from. Students can earn a general MA in History or choose to specialize in areas like American History or Military History. The school is nearly 80 years old and has over 13,000 students enrolled.
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Norwich University While Norwich University is the country’s first private, military college, civilians and soldiers alike can enroll in degree programs. Norwich offers two master’s degrees in History — the general MA program and the MA in Military History. Both programs can be completed in just two years, although the program requires the person to obtain a bachelor’s degree first.
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