Pruning and Maintenance Tips for Indoor Plant

Pruning and Maintenance Suggestions for Indoor Vegetation

To keep your indoor houseplants healthy and thriving they are going to sometimes have to be
pruned or re-potted. The method is very similar to the crops and simply as important. Dead
or sick branches can have an effect on the overall well being of your complete plant and must be lower off.
And there is the esthetic aspect of pruning, it offers you vegetation a nice and tidy shape.

If you’re pruning a branch off of a plant that’s diseased (with fungus) it is vitally
necessary to disinfect your pruning shears after utilizing them. If you don’t, and continue
to prune your healthy vegetation there is a likelihood the fungus will spread to your other plants.
An answer of bleach and water will kill the unwanted organisms nicely.

While you look at the plant if it seems too full you possibly can thin it out, that is necessary
around the base trunk or stem. You want good air circulation around the plant and if the
branches and leaves are too congested this will not happen. Trim sufficient of the surplus
foliage away to let the plant ?breathe?. When you find yourself trimming branches to keep a
uniform look to your plant just trim what is necessary. Prune the new progress to
keep it inline with the remainder of the plant.

As vegetation develop so do their root systems. In case your plant isn?t thriving or you notice that the
roots are seen around the outdoors of the pot, your plant is most certainly root bound. It’s
vital to transplant the plant to a bigger pot. After you have chosen one and have
ready it for the plant very gently loosen the roots on the outside of the root ball. Then
put the plant in the middle of the new pot surrounding it with new potting soil.

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