Top reasons why Sarajevo tours are getting more and more popular?

Sarajevo has come a long way after the war raged through the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the mid-1990s. Since then the country’s tourism industry has slowly built themselves up, and now it is one of the ‘must visit’ cities when in Europe. The city has a mix of modernity and tradition, of both eastern and western culture. The scenic views of both city life, and serene mountains gives a nice contrast which is rivaled by very few.

There are a lot of reasons why Sarajevo tours are getting more and more popular amongst tourists, but the ones to take the cream are:

A mix of eastern and Western culture.

The difference in architecture, and the contrast of East, and West meeting can be clearly seen, where the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian cultures meet. The tall building of the west contrasting the red-tiled short buildings of the east. The harmonious meeting of two different cultures makes the city so unique that tourists can walk into an Orthodox Church, a Catholic Church, a Mosque, and a Synagogue all in the same day. Everything from craft breweries, to hookah bars, vanilla lattes, to Turkish coffee, as well as modern shopping malls, and 500-year-old markets. Almost all Sarajevo travel packages include a tour highlighting the main differences of culture in the city.

Foodie’s paradise

When in Sarajevo, no one goes to bed hungry. From flakey burek, to hearty ćevapi, there are many mouthwatering dishes to try. A lot of tourists like to stay in guesthouses, because of the local cuisine. Some of the guesthouses also run cooking classes, which enable tourist to make their own versions of the local cuisine. Other than these the hosts are very generous and offer a lot fo food to travelers, which makes this a foodie’s paradise. A lot of Sarajevo travel packages emphasize on how good the food is in this city as well.

A treat for history lovers

Being a historical city, it is no surprise that a lot of people opt for Sarajevo tours instead of going somewhere else. This city is the cradle of World War I and has many scars from World War II, and more recently from the Bosnian War which ravaged the country between 1992, and 1995. A lot of the guides in the city like to tell tourists about their experience during the Bosnian War, which makes for some pretty interesting stories. Although the city rode out all that was thrown at it, the citizens like to keep souvenirs which remind them of their past, and what they have endured till now, like the concrete scars, and the Eternal Flame, which is an ever burning flame to commemorate the lives lost during World War II.

Everyone welcomes tourist with open arms

One of the main reasons why Sarajevo tours are gaining admirers day by day is because the people of this city are very friendly, and welcoming. It does not matter if anyone is travelling solo, or in a group, as safety is always a concern. Although travelling in groups gives tourists a sense of comfort, the hospitality tourist gets when they are in this city is genuine and pure. The people are very helpful as well, which makes navigating around the city easier.

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