Types of Online History Degrees

Those who study history are part of a great story – exploring the past, understanding how it affects the present, and, in many cases, imparting that knowledge to others. History majors go on to become politicians, professors, writers, city planners for things like historic parks and other landmarks, librarians, lawyers, or a dozen other careers – because history is a huge part of every movement, literature, and place, history majors can fit themselves into many different kinds of jobs.

While competition for jobs in history-specific fields might be fierce, sometimes what kind of history someone studied can be helpful. If a school is looking for a professor in ancient Greek history or a city is looking for a park memorial dedicated to a Civil War battle, one history degree earned over another might be of value.

Online Options for History Buffs

Many online universities have great history program for students looking for flexible options and a great education. While they can all help prepare students to think analytically, communicate effectively, and prepare research, they are in different fields of study that can prepare people for different research, ideas, and job options. Some degree possibilities include:

  • American History: These courses usually cover events between Christopher Columbus to “the New World” in 1492 to current events. They will also cover the Revolutionary War with Great Britain, the concepts of “manifest destiny, the Civil War, the civil rights movement, women’s suffrage and America’s part in World War I and II.
  • Middle Eastern History: A degree with a lot of material to cover, Middle Eastern history explores the idea that modern society emerged from the Middle East and covers the history – ancient to present – of countries like Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, and Eqypt
  • World History: World history degrees usually examine all major themes of history, including the impact of communication, collaboration, and struggles between societies, including trade, war and diplomacy.
  • Art History: This degree concentration combines the fields of art and history to understand cultures through their artistic and cultural expressions over various time periods. Many classes focus on icons and symbols from specific times and places to help discover the values and even laws of a specific people group.

History majors have many different options to discover their historical past as well as their path to a satisfying career in the future.

Featured Online History Degrees

Ashford University Ashford University is one of the biggest online providers of higher education in the country. At Ashford, students enroll, attend, and complete classes entirely online as they work towards a BA of History or Social Science. These programs serve as a foundation for more advanced degrees or career options.
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Liberty University Liberty University is the nation’s biggest private, Christian school with a sizable online division too. Liberty University has an online degree in MEd of Teaching and Learning with a specialization in history available. This program is better suited for students who want to become teachers or even professors at a school or college.
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Southern New Hampshire University If you want a graduate degree specialization in a particular aspect of history, Southern New Hampshire University has many programs to choose from. Students can earn a general MA in History or choose to specialize in areas like American History or Military History. The school is nearly 80 years old and has over 13,000 students enrolled.
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Norwich University While Norwich University is the country’s first private, military college, civilians and soldiers alike can enroll in degree programs. Norwich offers two master’s degrees in History — the general MA program and the MA in Military History. Both programs can be completed in just two years, although the program requires the person to obtain a bachelor’s degree first.
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